We believe God is building His house of prayer in the earth, and right here in Edmond and Oklahoma City. It’s much bigger than we can imagine, but He’s given us the privilege of partnering with Him in a couple of specific ways:

Maintaining a Sanctuary

At the heart of the house of prayer is Corporate Intercessory Worship:

  • Corporate – We gather to pray. There’s power in praying together, both to sustain us and to get breakthrough, because God wants us doing it together.
  • Intercessory – When we gather, we do so in our God-given authority as kings and priests to partner with His heart and see His kingdom come in the earth.
  • Worship – We gather first and foremost to minister to Him, to gaze on Him, and to declare His worth. And then who He is stirs us to invite Him to move freely in our city.

We believe every believer is called first and foremost to be a priest – ministering to the Lord and making intercession for others – and we all need a place in which to walk out this calling. Anointed worship is the atmosphere God designed to escort us into a place where prayer is easy and breakthrough happens. Through worship, our hearts connect and we join in powerful, united agreement.

So, we’re gathering and equipping singers, musicians, and intercessors to lead the saints in ministering to the Lord in prayer and worship, and we’re inviting believers from churches and ministries all over the area to come join us as we encounter the Lord, lift up His name, and agree in prayer for revival in the OKC area.

Our goal with the NBIHOP prayer room is to serve the prayer movement all across the area as a model, a training grounds, an inspiration, and an area-wide “prayer furnace” where praying believers from all different ministries and churches can gather to worship and pray together. As we gather together, the collective heat of the coals fans into a greater flame together, and then we spread the fire all across the city as we each go out to live a lifestyle of prayer in the place God has set us.

Serving the area-wide House of Prayer

God’s House of Prayer in the Edmond/Oklahoma City area is not our prayer room or any other physical location or single gathering, but rather it’s the praying saints all throughout the city in every place they gather. We love to serve and encourage the body in the areas of prayer and worship and intimacy in any way that we can.

We have a major focus on training, both in a personal lifestyle of prayer and worship, and in leading prophetic worship and corporate prayer meetings, because we want to see the whole body walking in their priesthood. We have a regular weekly teaching night on themes related to a life of intimacy and intercession, and we also do conferences, seminars and other training events at our own facilities or for other churches and ministries that would like to go deeper in prayer. All of the teachings are posted free in the resources section of the website, and we also regularly post articles on subjects related to the house of prayer.

We would love to serve in raising the water level of the body of Christ’s prayer life all across the city, and seeing fiery prayer meetings take place in schools, businesses, churches, small groups and ministries all over the OKC area.