NBIHOP’s Weekly Worship Schedule

Time Location Format Focus
Sunday 7pm-9pm Firehouse Worship with the Word (Joy Kinser) varies
Sunday 9pm-11pm Firehouse Harp and Bowl Intercession (Isaac Oltersdorf) God’s Purposes for Israel
Monday 6pm-7pm Firehouse Devotional (Anna Pilcher) varies
Monday 7pm-9pm Firehouse Harp and Bowl Intercession (Isaac Oltersdorf) varies
Monday 9pm-11pm Firehouse Webstream varies
Tuesday 7pm-9pm Firehouse Harp and Bowl Intercession (Joy Kinser) Human Trafficking
Tuesday 9pm-11pm Firehouse Worship with the Word (Isaac Oltersdorf) varies
Wednesday 7pm-9pm Firehouse Prophetic Worship (Micayla Mosier) / Song of Solomon Series  
Wednesday 9pm-11pm Firehouse Webstream varies
Friday 6pm-7pm Firehouse Webstream varies
Friday 7pm-8pm Firehouse Devotional (Micayla Mosier) varies
Friday 8pm-9pm Firehouse Devotional (Angie Johnson) varies
Friday 9pm-11pm Firehouse Harp and Bowl Intercession (Isaac Oltersdorf) Revival in OKC

NBIHOP Location:

The FireHouse (map) is an outreach center in the South Robinson neighborhood where No Boundaries is working to end prostitution and human trafficking. All NBIHOP prayer meetings are located at Old Fire Station #16 (also known as the Firehouse Community Center) at:
3416 SW Robinson Ave Oklahoma City, OK 73109

NBIHOP Worship Formats:

Worship with the Word is a focused time of prophetic worship from the Scriptures. We mix worship songs, choruses, and spontaneous singing with times of focused worship from a passage of Scripture as we seek to gaze upon the Lord and encounter Him. It makes a wonderful devotional atmosphere for worship, time in the Word, and just meeting with Jesus.

Harp and Bowl Intercession combines worship and intercession in a back-and-forth flow, with a focus on enabling a time of corporate intercession where our hearts connect with the Lord and with one another as we agree in prayer together.

Prophetic Worship is a more traditional worship time aimed at encountering the Lord and ministering to Him together. As we flow through worship songs and choruses, we may go into times of prayer or prophetic song as we simply seek to respond to the Lord and whatever He wants to do that night.